HOW to buy hotkicks shoes

HOW to buy hotkicks shoes

  • Wednesday, 16 November 2022
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  1. HOW to buy hotkicks shoes 

  2. Please see the steps below:

    1:open  www.hotkicks.org



    4. for payment [payment by credit/ debit /master/visa card,PayPal and Alipay, bank transfer.]

    if you need to pay for card

    5. if you need to pay bank tranfer (tell your currency to Mona)

    HotKicks have two batches: LJR and OG.

    They come from different factories.

    LJR is the most refined and perfect and best quality. The quality and price of OG are second only to LJR. OG is lower price but the quality is also good.

    Anyway, if you have other questions find us

    Customer Service:
    Whatsapp:+852 5767 1726
    Facebook: Mona Hotshoe

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